Hi everyone!!! If you think you have the talent as a Photographer, if you want to become a photo journalist around the world, if you are a student, or just want us to publish your pictures just let me know.

We will be ready to contact you and upload your best pictures to show to everyone, and who knows? Someone might be interested in your work!

Ana María Illera (Barranquilla, Colombia)

I was born and grew up in Barranquilla, which is on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the home of the Colombian carnival. Its people, culture, landscapes and climate combine to create the festive and warm hearted atmosphere this region is renowned for. This has inspired my passion for capturing moments in everyday life and nature.

I have always enjoyed taking photos ever since my childhood years. Later when I was studying Social Communication and Journalism at university, I started experimenting with photography, more as a powerful tool to express and convey life and nature without the use of words.

Currently with my work I regularly travel throughout this beautiful country and therefore am able to capture through my lens the diversity, contrasts, people and natural wonders that Colombia boasts.

Arianne Clemént

Photography has been a passion of mine since witnessing the magic of a dark room while studying film in college. I then enrolled at the University of Quebec in Montreal to attain a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts focusing on photography and video. I created numerous photo essays and exhibitions and also worked as a photojournalist for the university’s newspaper.

My interest in photojournalism opened the door to written journalism; after achieving my Bachelor’s Degree in Montreal I traveled to the Arctic and lived in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
I approached the French newspaper Le Nunavoix and the magazine Le Toit du Monde, hoping to contribute as a freelance photographer, and ended up being a writer as well as a photographer for both publications, covering the Inuit people, their stories, culture, social issues as well as a wide range of other circumpolar issues.
After my time in the North, I traveled around the world and created a number of photo essays, while studying the Italian, Spanish and English languages.

I am currently taking a Master´s degree in International Photojournalism and Documentary Photography with the London College of Communications, which allows me to travel while studying. I am now resettling in the breathtaking Colombian Amazons where I plan on staying for some time until a new wind takes me away.